Finding intruders before they do you harm!
  • Managed Firewall

    Monitoring your network from the firewall, we identify policy violations, network anomalies, blacklist connections, and data exfiltration.

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  • Managed IDS/IPS

    Monitoring your network from your intrusion systems, we identify reconnaissance, exploitation, password guessing, phishing attempts, and covert channels.

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  • Penetration Testing

    Assessing your enterprise from the inside and out, we identify ways to successfully attack your systems, applications, and people.

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Why Managed Security Services

Find Intruders Before They Do You Harm

A lot happens on a network leading up to a compromise, or in the worst of cases, a breach. We provide the visibility you need to see a compromise coming and stop it!

Have The Help You Need to Handle Them

We will be with you every step of the way from preparation to containment, and eradication to recovery and lessons learned. Industry experts, that have been through it all, you will be safe with us.

And Save Yourself Money ...

By Only Focusing On The Important Events. ou are only notified of confirmed incidents. Incidents that are of high priority ... that taking action on will bring the most value to you. No more wasting your time on false positives.

And By Responding Early to Those Events Allowing you to get ahead of them (with an action plan that we provide) and stop them before they do any damage.

Latest News

  • 01.07.2016

    Founder and Head of Cybersecurity Operations for Hellfire speaking at Hack In Paris 2016

  • 01.06.2016

    Hellfire releases Local File Inclusion Zero Day for rConfig

  • 11.03.2016

    Founder and Head of Cybersecurity Operations for Hellfire speaking at Nullcon 2016