Finding intruders before they do you harm!

Our Mission

Hellfire Security is a managed security services provider specializing in cybersecurity monitoring and the management of devices that provide it. Through the monitoring and interpretation of network events, such as unauthorized access attempts, suspicious actions and payloads, and other such anomalies, we provide the visibility you need to minimize expense and prevent loss. A lot happens on a network leading up to a compromise, or in the worst of cases, a breach. We provide the visibility you need to see a compromise coming and stop it.

Our Members

Hellfire Security is a cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in assessment, and managed security services. No policy, regulation, or compliance ... just attack and defense to build stronger, more secure companies. Its analysts come from a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, are certified, and made up of industry researchers and conference speakers.

Our Methodology

A large part of our effectiveness comes from having developed a thorough technical methodology that is reliable, repeatable and that definitely goes well beyond automated tools:

  • Characterize Flows

  • Profile Hosts

  • Determine Disposition

    • Enumerate Threat Indicators

    • Match Possible Scenarios

  • Develop Response

  • Notify Customer

SANS Top-20

Keep on top of the latest threats!

Top Ten Network Security Tips

Wondering what the "best practices" are for securing your network? There is a very informative document called "The 60 Minute Network Security Guide" on the National Security Agency Web site ( Here's a brief summary ...