Not a vulnerability scan but real hackers ...

pMap v1.10 for Windows

Discovery, Scanning, and Fingerprinting via Broadcast and Multicast Traffic

  • Reveals open TCP and UDP ports

  • Uses UDP, mDNS, and SSDP to identify PCs, NAS, Printers, Phones, Tablets, CCTV, DVR, and Others

    • Device Type, Make, and Model

    • Operating Systems and Version

    • Service Versions and Configuration

  • Stand-Alone (Nmap-like output) or Agent Mode (SYSLOG)

  • Metasploit Script Included

Demonstration (Metasploit Script)

Download Here.

SDN-Toolkit v1.21

Discover, Identify, and Manipulate SDN-Based Networks

  • Floodlight and Opendaylight support through Northbound HTTP-Based APIs

  • Openflow v1.0.0 support through Southbound APIs

  • Python-Based

Download Here.

SANS Top-20

Top Ten Network Security Tips

Wondering what the "best practices" are for securing your network? There is a very informative document called "The 60 Minute Network Security Guide" on the National Security Agency Web site ( Here's a brief summary ...