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Penetration Testing!

Penetration Testing by Hellfire's Assessment Services identifies the weaknesses in your network, systems, and applications by testing them under real-world conditions. Using live human-attackers with real hacking tools, we will find the risks in your environment that traditional vulnerability assessments and even audits won't find. The gaps left by configuration errors, and improper control integration as well as product faults will be attacked not just to find out if there is a vulnerability there but how it can be exploited, how far an attackers can go, and what damage they can do.


Identifies weak points in your network, hosts, and applications

We will create a map of your perimeter network, evaluate its current security posture, identify and attempt to compromise your externally facing hosts, and if possible use these hosts to probe deeper into your network. We will find the holes in your networked infrastructure, routers, firewalls, IDS, web applications, and other network components using both automated and manual testing for accuracy and effectiveness to discover the following:

Networks and Hosts
Open Interfaces
Open Management, Configuration, and Network Services
Insecure and Misconfigured Services
Insecure and Misconfigured Applications
Information Disclosure Issues
Vulnerable Services and Applications
Insufficient Monitoring and Response
Weak Passwords

Information Disclosure Issues
User Enumeration
Weak Passwords, Password Handling, and Password Policy
Poor Session Management
Insufficient Authorization
Parameter Manipulation
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
SQL, XML, and LDAP Injection
Local and Remote File Inclusion
Command Injection and Code Execution

Not A Vulnerability Scan

Beware companies trying to sell you a vulnerability scan as a Penetration Test. They are not the same. Because when it comes down to it, people attack your network not software. With Hellfire, you get real-people with real hacking tools attacking your network and not just an intern with a vulnerability scanner.

Real-World Conditions

Hellfire follows the same process and uses the same techniques as real-world hackers. We don't just throw canned-exploits at you and call it a day. We collect data, analyze results, tune our attacks, and focus on the points that could break and repeat until we find a way in ... Just like a hacker.

Safety First!

Each test is run with limits to ensure that you operations ... Well, stay operating. This means nothing harmful like denial of service or modification of data is performed unless it is in the rules of engagement. And any attack, in the rules or not, gets approved by you before we proceed.

Daily Briefings

During the test, we communicate with you daily to let you know what we did, what we found out, and what we have planned for tomorrow. Giving you an opportunity to ask questions or make changes at any point in the test.

Executive and Technical Reports

At the conclusion of the test, Hellfire provides you with two reports: one for executive management so that they can understand the risks involved and one for the IT department, demonstrating the attacks and what we were able to accomplish with them, so that they can recreate what we found both before and after remediation. Allowing them to ensure that the risk is really gone.

Findings and Solutions

Risks without solutions aren't useful to anyone so along with our findings we provide way to remove the risk from your environment.

Knowledge Transfer

Hellfire also assists you in learning our techniques so that you can identify other similar risks in your environment and with remediation assistance we help you make it all go away.

You can find the full guide Here.

Why businesses choose Hellfire's Assessment Services

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Hellfire's unmatched network, system, and application assessment services are used by the world's most security-conscious businesses, insurance companies and financial institutions.

  • Security as a service

    Hellfire assesses risk for all types of networks, is subjected to new challenges every day, and constantly updates our capability with the latest skills, techniques, and tools.

  • Decades of experience

    Hellfire's assessment leads are required to hold the SANS GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN) certification and bring many years of security experience to help our customers address their complex issues.

  • Implemented in days - not weeks or months

    No need to buy additional hardware or software, to hire additional staff, to build teams, or to develop methodology.

  • Dedicated Security Research Team

    Continuous improvement in both our understanding of and our capability to attack networks, systems, and applications.

  • Business Continuity

    Finding vulnerabilities now and addressing them before attackers do means you can avoid the risks that threaten your business.

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